Contact Information/About Us:

Ryan Wang, Co-Founder
Austin Wang, Co-Founder
Karen Yeh, Psy.D., Advisor

For performance engagements or for information on becoming a member, email us at:

Youth Music Society (YMS) is a non-profit organization comprised of talented young musicians who minister to the elderly and the infirmed through music, providing their audience with comfort and solace. Members volunteer to apply their gifts and perform classical music in small group settings. Youth Music provides organizational and logistical support to the musicians to make their service an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Youth Music liaisons with organizations (such as assisted living and nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals) in our San Francisco Bay Area community, organizes events, schedules performances, and arranges programs. Youth Music also auditions the volunteers to ensure maturity and standard of performances.

Youth Music Society appreciates your interest in our organization and hopes to hear from you.